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SEO in Ahmedabad 3 years ago

Searching for SEO Company Ahmedabad, we at Studio45 are expert in getting traffic back to your site with excellent boost on online revenue. We will maintain your campaigns and come up with new strategies to stand out amongst your competitors. We help your company to be visible in this competitive trends. We have very experienced professionals at SEO Ahmedabad who understand needs and creatively bring results.

New SEO Strategy for Business Promotion 3 years ago

What is SEO? SEO is an acronym for the search engine optimization. SEO is all about where a web page is constructed and certain techniques are implemented to improve the rank of the website in the search list. The higher the rank on Google, Bing or Yahoo, the higher the traffic is created. SEO is of two types: On- page SEO and Off -Page SEO. On- page SEO: It refers to all the things that are done on the website to improve the ranking on the search list like descriptions, page titles, internal linking and Meta tags.

Off- page SEO: It refers to all the things that are done off the website to improve the website rankings and increase the traffic on the website such as social networking, forum and blog marketing, article submission etc. One of the Off-page SEO is video marketing. Video marketing is a marketing strategy to publicize your content in the form of the video, and then you can submit it to the YouTube or Vimeo, so that people can reach to your content. People don’t like to read long and lengthy, boring content, express your message in the form of video and be sure it reaches the targeted audience.

Strategies of Video Marketing Video is used as a tactic which captures the attention of the targeted audience, becomes easy to search and convey the message about your product. All thanks to the tech tools, creating videos has become very easy in a cost-effective manner. It is very important to effectively craft the video to maximise the reach and animators helps to enhance the video quality and even acts as a better explainer. The strategies of video marketing include:

• Firstly determine what kind of audience you are going to target and what is the purpose of the video and what type of content it will contain. Make sure that you know exactly to whom the content is for and design it accordingly.

• Properly outline the video topics and the types that are created, when video is implemented across the enterprise. It is also important to outline the scope. First, look what functions are to be involved in the video or the assets will be used internally, externally or both. A good way to outset the video is to discover all the questions that target the audience and answer these questions in a detailed how -to- content.

• A strong decision is needed that where the videos will live on the website, whether it is a webinar or the video behind the scenes which involves the need of links to get back to the website.

• Determine on what parameters the performance is being measured. A track should be reviewed regularly on the parameters which includes:

o Click through rates

o The total amount of your video content is consumed

o Regular attention on span and drop off rates

It is important to strategize your video which keeps you from creating aimless content on your website. Video marketing is an innovative way to express your message to the targeted audience.

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